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Is Control Alternative responsible for the performance of my investment that was introduced through Control Alternative?

No. Control Alternative acts as the introducer to fully independent investment providers. The performance and responsibilities of the investments lie with the investment providers.

Is Control Alternative FCA regulated?

No. Control Alternative is not regulated by the FCA. Control Alternative does not give financial advice or recommendations. Control Alternative solely introduces clients to investment providers and opportunities. Control Alternative does recommend that clients seek independent financial advice from an authorised and regulated advisor.

Is Control Alternative responsible for the performance of my investments?

No. Control Alternative acts as the introducing entity to wholly independent investment providers. These investment providers are responsible for the performance of the investments.

Can I come meet my agent at Control Alternative?

Yes. All Control Alternative clients are encouraged to meet their introducing agent at least once. Control Alternative is based in Kuala Lumpur but also has an office in the City of London. The team at Control Alternative regularly do trips around the region to meet as many of our clients as possible.

How does Control Alternative decide on what investments it introduces to?

Control Alternative is constantly looking out for introductions for its clients and we are often approached by various investment providers. Control Alternative is known for having a client base made up of individuals that are interested in knowing about higher yield fixed income investments. Control Alternative performs due diligence on investments and will only introduce clients to investments that are rated or listed securities, managed portfolios that are managed by FCA regulated firms and / or persons, or investments that have had their Information Memorandum signed off by an FCA regulated individual.

Will I feel pressured into an investment purchase once I am in Control Alternative’s database?

Not at all. Once you have spoken to a member of our team and they have understood as much as possible about what you or your clients are looking for, you will then only be contacted to see if there is anything that Control Alternative can do to help.

If I would like to make a complaint to Control Alternative, what is the process?

Control Alternative has a Contact Us page on its website that can be used to send a complaint directly to the management team.