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Current Allocation

An alternative to holding cash in a low interest paying deposit account

Our model accounts are based on investing in six different bonds to diversify risk. Bond allocation will change subject to available offerings.

The illustration below shows an indicative allocation of how the investment is broken down across six holdings.

Fact sheets on the individual bonds included in the below graph are available via our team or your designated Financial Adviser.

The comparison graph below illustrates the value of our model portfolios (Fixed Income Account & Nordic Account) over time compared with a standard deposit account.

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Please note, that the products referred to in this document are considered high-risk, you should read the risks associated with each underlying investment before investing. Returns are not guaranteed. They are subject to the income payments of each underlying bond*.

The graph shows a comparison based on the previous 5 years compound growth rate (2012 – 2016) from a standard deposit account.

Based on an initial investment of 25,000, 50,000 or 100,000 GBP, the client can expect gross returns as separately illustrated.