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About Us

We help you identify high return investments, whilst fully understanding the risks

Welcome to Control Alternative

Control Alternative is a bespoke marketing agency specialising in strategies and campaigns for different client market segments creating valuable connections, content, platforms and alternative ways of marketing products and services.

Headed up by Mark Adams, Control Alternative creates dynamic opportunities to enable clients to grow their company and brand, connecting them to their audience and customers, and other industry sectors. Mark started his career in the City Of London with Godsell Astley & Pearce at Exco International as a Spot Dollar Yen broker and went on through a variety of positions to build the Business Development at Schneider FX before their successful sale to Monex. As a marketeer Mark now concentrates on adding value to companies wishing to develop their business opportunities in Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe the Middle East and Africa.

Control Alternative draws on some very unique relationships with sports personalities to stage seminars and events that fit a clients needs. These have all been very successful and highly productive.

With over 40 years of experience collectively, Control Alternative’s team is made of a core team, each bringing specific skills in different fields to manage a global network of clients.

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Our process

Control Alternative offers its clients investment opportunities from companies that are seeking financing. These companies seeking investment offer various debt instruments or equity to investors, namely in the form of bonds, loan notes or debentures.

Control Alternative makes the most market competitive investments available to its clients, the likes usually demanded by Sophisticated Investors and High Net Worth individuals.

The team at Control Alternative are hand on hand to guide you through the process and help you find what you are looking for. This allows them to introduce you to the various options available based on the criteria given. Each investment provider will then share all of their marketing material and publications which are designed bring awareness to all of the risks and rewards.

Our clients know that we put a lot of time and resources into making sure that every introduction made goes through due diligence processes, both in house, and then extensively by an FCA regulated entity.

Our clients matter to us

We aim to build long lasting relationships with all of our potential clients. By taking the extra time to understand your needs, we’re in a position to serve you better.

Being based out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, helps us to access our clients in the region with ease and offer exclusive opportunities. Our agents regularly take trips around the region to meet clients for face to face meetings at your convenience.

We’re always available and only a phone call or email away. We look forward to meeting you.

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