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Investments with Control Alternative


Fixed - 6% to 12%

Investment Timeframe

2 to 7 years

Security Features

Fully asset backed, Status: Senior secured debt, Liquidity: Freely tradable




Finance, technology, property, mining, renewable energy, manufacturing, entertainment, sports & leisure, ethical & humanitarian.

Control Alternative (ctrl+alt)

We provide introductory services to providers offering investment into their fixed income and fully asset backed securities.

Control Alternative (ctrl+alt) are two commonly used keyboard shortcuts to create or implement a command.

Control Alternative (ctrl alt) as an agency aims to be the first point of control for any marketing strategies that we need to implement for our clients and we provide alternatives in terms of solutions and ways of marketing a product or service.

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Introducing investments

As an independent distributor for debt instruments and equity investments, Control Alternative takes investor confidence and trust extremely seriously. We are not only committed to a code of ethical, professional and responsible conduct, but our practice extends to a personal approach, for our clients we will always go the extra mile.

How to Invest with Us

Control Alternative is committed to ensuring we stay as up to date as possible with all legislation so investors can assuredly purchase through us knowing all compliance is met.

Our staff are knowledgeable in their practice and can help you with any legislation which rules why certain subscriptions are required to be completed in particular ways.

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Case study

Control Alternative successfully created and implemented a holistic marketing program for MyClubBetting (MCB). MCB issued a fully asset backed 5-year bond at 7.25% paid semi-annually which was listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Control Alternative organised a series of events in 2017 with top internationally acclaimed sports legends to help promote MCB and their bond.

The results from these activities included MCB’s bond being listing on a variety of platforms including Hansard, Friends Provident, Capital Platforms and Custodian Life. The events were attended by IFA’s, DFM’s and their clients.

Control Alternative provided a compliant and regulated environment whereby respective platforms and financial advisors could present the bond to investors.

This formula was successfully replicated throughout 2017 and will continue through 2018 for other bond providers.

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Fixed Income Presentation, TheMyGroup / 14th May / Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Phuket International Rugby 10s -Team Sponsor / 25th-27th May / Phuket, Thailand

Visit to The Pinatar Arena / 19th-20th June / Marcia, Spain

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